Nua Thong of Noppakao (TH)

Calling Name: Nua

Date of Birth: 1 August 2013

Dermoid Sinus free

Pedigree: Pedigree Database

Nua is from Thailand. When Jenna was was gone we went looking for a new girl. At first we were looking for a girl aproximately a year old; she could be rabies vaccinated immediately and come to us sooner. And she could also be mated by Indie sooner, as he was only getting older too...

Everything went a little differently! A breeder in Thailand we approached told us she did not have a girl of a year old, but she did have a nice puppy we were welcome to haveā€¦ And that puppy was Nua of course. Who could say no to her! She was a lovely little pup and of a good type for the breed. But because of the rabies regulations we would have to wait a long time before she would be allowed to travel to us. We had to wait a little over half a year before we could go to Thailand to pick her up. A wonderful trip and very exciting to bring back a dog!

Nua is real Thai Ridgeback girl, like we know them... She can be rather intens and very quick and nimble. Towards other dogs she is rather easy going, probably because she grew up in a group of dogs of different breeds in Thailand. This makes her a bit easier to have in the Netherlands. But she did get a bit less easy after she had her puppies. Nua is a great dog and we are very happy we were allowed to have her.