Than-Hin-Liknight of Tawan Namfah (TH)

Calling Name: Indie

Date of Birth: 3 September 2005

Dermoid Sinus free

Pedigree: Pedigree Database

Indie came also from Thailand to us. He has been found and brought to us by the same person that found us Jenna. We asked for a really black boy and that was we got! Indie was the first to have to conform to the new rabies regulations. What basically meant that we had to wait a very long time before he could leave Thailand for the Nederlands, but after 5 months it was finally that time.

The first period was a bit difficult for him, because he had not been socialised very well in Thailand. Indie became a calm, stable dog., not very difficult to other dogs, but quite self assured. Unknown people always took some time for him to get used to, but that usually went fine. Towards people he knew and trusted he was an affectionate dog. On the couch he used to hang against you and he generally loved to be near you. Walking was the thing he loved most! When you were tying your shoe laces he would jump and whine with anticipation. Indie was already 10 years old when he first became father. We feared it might have been too late for him, but he quickly found out how that worked and he was succesfull too! 

Not long after he became father we found out Indie was not well and we had to let him go in the end. We miss him so very much and we will be for some time to come. But we are also very happy that he has been in our lives. He was such a great dog to live with!